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Hi everyone. Here is some background. I am 25 year old female. About 6 months ago I went to the eye doctor because I was experiencing a weird blue light in my left peripheral vision. First doctor said it was "nothing to worry about" because he "sees this all the time" and because "I am so young". Well I saw 3 doctors before it was discovered that my vitreous was impending detachment in my left eye and also in my right eye. I've had regular checkups during this time and the posterior vitreous did finally detach in my left eye, but my retinas are okay for now. I am due to see the doctor again in March.

I have floaters and I am well aware of what they look like and have gotten used to them for the most part. What I am having trouble with now are very intense bright spots in my vision that come and go on an hourly basis. Both eyes seem affected, but it can be hard to tell exactly which eye is seeing the spots. It happens so quickly. The best way I can describe them is it looks like an after image as if I were staring at a bright light. They aren't necessarily round though and have been in all sorts of odd shapes. Sometimes they look blue other times very white.

Yesterday morning upon waking I had one of these "after images" in my vision for about 3-4 hours. Obviously this is not normal. These lights are not associated with headaches (I get headaches so infrequently). Is this something I should pursue further or is this normal for a PVD?


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