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I am currently going through the EXACT same thing you went through. I am a retail manager so I am always in motion and always looking around (as opposed to working in front of a computer all day). For the last few days I have noticed my eyes have not been working as sharply as they normally do. When I look anywhere but straight ahead, especially right, (without moving my head) my vision blurs, kind of doubles, causes pain, some nausea/lightheadedness, kind of the same response I feel if I were to deliberately cross my eyes. At first I thought I was just tired, but I am beginning to worry.

I went to the eye doctor today and he told me I have 20/20 vision, dilated my eyes and saw nothing (inflammation or anything else to be concerned about). Years ago I has headaches with cloudy vision was told it's possible I might have MS from results of spinal taps and MRI, but never actually confirmed because other tests (vision, brain wave responses, blood etc) were normal. Since then (2006) I just deemed my eye problems accompanied by headaches as migraines and auras. However, what I have been experiencing I do not think is a migraine aura. Those do not last for 5 straight days...

I am headed for an MRI tomorrow and hope to get some answers. Have you gotten to the bottom of your symptoms? FYI I am also only 24...

[QUOTE=Mama2Peanuts;4126067]The past 3 weeks, whenever I move my eyes (looking from one thing to another, or in turning my head), it seems everything is more blurry than it should be, and things jump around (like I'm not able to scan things like I used to be able to, it's like watching a stop-start action film- kind of choppy).

Also, when moving my eyes as described above, I sometimes see double of things that my eyes pass by (particularly illuminated things like lamps, street lights, the microwave display, etc.) In the same time frame, I've also been getting a little light-headed when I'm walking around (ie looking around), or if I look left to right (not moving head) several times in a row (even slowly).

The above happens regardless of whether I'm wearing my [current prescription] glasses or not.

Another "quirk" I've been experiencing is occasional pain behind/around my eyeball (still within my eye socket, though) when I look to the far left/right/up/down. It's a sharp stabbing pain that goes away for the most part when I'm looking straight ahead. This comes and goes... usually hurting for 2-3 days, sometimes 1 eye, sometimes both, and then will go away for several weeks/months. It's been happening for a couple years now. When I mentioned it to an ophthalmologist, he said I might just have dry eyes, but even with using lubricating drops, it still happens.

If anyone has an insight, I would really appreciate it. Oh, and for the record, I'm a 24yo female. Thank you![/QUOTE]

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