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Re: Dry Eyes?
Jan 19, 2010
What does your eye doctor say? Where do you live? If you live where it's winter now, and you have the heat on in the house, you might want to put a humidifier in the house to get some moisture in the air. It will help you from getting dried out too much.

What about where you work? Sometimes work environments are dry from either heat or dust.

I have dry eyes but I'm female and my issues are hormonal. I still have to use eye drops because my eyes are glued together when I wake up. My eye doctor told me that I have a scratch on my cornea which was probably the result of the dry eyes.

I don't know much about Dry Eye Syndrome. I'd have to research it some to understand it all. See if your eye doctor will give you a prescription for some eye drops that can help you.

What about clogged tear ducts? Have you had that checked out?

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