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I've been wearing glasses since I was 4 and in the past 20+ years, my vision has continued to deteriorate. I don't know much about the prescriptions but I do know that I'm at a -14 (o.d and o.s.) in both eyes and people usually look a little shocked.

I've worn contacts for many years and two years ago, switched back to glasses. I had forgotten about the horrible glare that makes night time excursions both in car and out, almost impossible. I forgot about not having peripheral vision and having to look at things dead on in order to avoid the blurred experience my astigmatism leaves me with.

Two days ago, I was told that I had a torn retina. I wasn't surprised as I had been experiencing flashing for years but there was no retina issue found at that time to take action with.

I am terrified of anyone doing anything with my eye. My visit to the ophthalmologist two days ago was a fiasco. I also have really large pupils and the lights the doctor was asking me to look into was traumatic. Even though they saw my pupils were large, they still put those eye drops in them and never bothered to ask me how I was going to find my way home. They did though, give me some eye drops that would shrink my pupils that I could use at nights sometimes.

Tried it the next day and got a migraine.

As well, I notice I cannot extend my eyes as far as others. When I'm told to look up, I have to move my entire head, otherwise, my eyes don't go that far up or down or left or right. I was thinking that it had something to do with the lack of peripheral vision and loosing those muscles from not being able or needing to use them.

I am at my wits end about my vision. I don't know how bad my vision really is... I wonder if I'm going to be blind by the time I'm 45? To some, I'm already severely visually impaired and I'm not even 30 yet.

I wonder if there is something else going on. I was told that by about 20 my prescriptions would eventually stop changing when it seems that now, it's the total opposite. In one year, my eyes have change enough to warrant new glasses.

Oh and by the way, my contact lenses cost less than any glasses (free frames) I can get my hands on at this point.

If anyone out there has vision in the -14 (sph); -12 (cyl); 80 (ax) domain or knows someone who might, I'd like to hear from you about your experiences and any solutions ideas you might have.

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