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Hi. I am a 19 year old male suffering from myopia which has caused me to wear corrective eyeglasses for the past 6 or 7 years (around the time I was 12). My vision has been decreasing these past few years, and I've recently had my Corneas examined. I was unaware as to [I]why[/I] I had to have my Corneas examined until recently. I just thought this was something I had to do every few years, I guess. Note that I went with my father and he recommended me to get examined.

Anyway, I now know that my parents have set me up for a LASIK appointment - TOMMOROW!

What the hell?! I mean, me and my parents have 'talked' about LASIK for the past few years. Never have I said that I was planning on correcting my eyes using LASIK. I am comfortable with my glasses as it is, and not once did I say anything about me looking forward to LASIK in all my life, so what gave them the idea that I needed to get this done?

'Oh, your cousin/aunt/etc. had laser eye surgery and now he/she sees fine! Nothing to worry about!

That's pretty much all they keep saying to me. I'm sorry, but I won't really let others experiences force me into choosing this path for my eyesight. Just because they did it and it 'worked' for them doesn't mean anything to me.

Again, I am comfortable with my glasses as it is, and I feel like I'm being forced to get this done. I have never been more frustrated in my life, because...

A) I don't want to sit there for god knows how long getting this done to my eye. I never asked for it nor do I need it.

B) I don't want to care for my fragile eyes for days or weeks after this is done...

C) I have read and heard about lots of side-effects and complications (Particularly in this very website), and I can't say I'm totally comfortable with the idea of having this done to me.

Like I said, I would rather stick with my glasses. I see no reason to get this done. I didn't even have time to think this through, and yet my parents are getting mad at me for not wanting to get this done.

My mind is racing as I'm sitting here. What do I do? Cancel this appointment? I honestly don't want to get this done and to me, this is the biggest decision of my life, and it looks like I don't have much of a choice in it. I get so frustrated and sad about this, because my parents are so one-sided with this whole deal. 'What if you don't get this done?! YOUR VISION WILL GET WORSE TO THE POINT OF YOU BEING BLIND.' Bull****. I'm just myopic and I have no other problems that I'm aware of with my eyes. Why exactly are they saying this to me?

The main issue here is with me not wanting to get this done and my parents. I just don't understand why I'm being pressured into this. Trust me, it's like I have no choice but to get this done and I've seen a side of my parents I don't think I've ever seen before. Wow, I still don't know why they're so pissed off about me not wanting this. This is my life and my eyes and I have to make this decision myself. Not them.

Will someone please tell me if getting this done is a good idea or not? I'm not the kind of person who will just do something without thinking about it. This is serious, and I won't let the 'people did it and are satisfied' **** convince me.

Also, how can I convince my parents that I don't want this to get done? In the past 2 days, I have been in SEVEN arguments with them. It's crazy and I have never been more stressed in my life.

Thanks for any help.

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