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[QUOTE=BYU1972;4720057]drops don't help me much but I use systane balance a lot during the day but i have to keep my head back so the drops get into my eyes. I put vasaline ointment gel for eyes too but sometimes I wake up and still blurry, it does help though as well. Does the hot compress really give you that much help you think (like am / shower time and nightime)?
I don't have any excess fibers or anything on eyelashes I use warm washcloth to go over my eyelids/lashes ... I like to use the hot washcloth b/c I give my face a minifacial everytime :) lol... I used that restatis 4 1/2 months/ fish oil, all systane drops (most leave a horrible buildup/crust) I've tried several like Refresh/blink (none really help). besides horrid dry eye, I also have limited eye muscle movement and droopy eyes. I'm going to Hopkins sometime soon and i havne't heard much good about Frontails lift for droopy eyes but light bothers me so bad esp computer use. Any help or further advice besides "Be thankful, it could always be worse... at least you have your sight " :)_[/QUOTE]


Sorry for you having all the problems you are having with your eyes, especially at such a young age.

My situation has greatly improved since my previous posts. Let me tell you why. First I have been wearing glasses since I was 3 years old and could see 20-20 with a heavy prescription. My problems really started when I decided I wanted to see life without having glasses. Big Mistake on my part!! The lens replacment did not work for me. The cronic dry eye started. My vision was horrible. I used about everything on the market to try to get relief including Restatis. I found that using nothing was the best thing. Using about all the products just created a momentary period of relief. After the burning and blurry vision stopped I was right back where I started. When I awake in the morning I go to a warm washcloth and get all the oils and sleepy from my eyes.

The real revelation came when I found that the optometrist that I was using was not making my glasses correctly. I don't mind saying that Walmart is now making my glasses and I can actually see again. My eye health is generally good now except for the dry eye which I have learned to life with.

As far as your question about the BION tears. I believe they are available at Wal Mart for around $16 bucks.

I had the droopy eye lid surgery done a few years ago and it greatly improved my field of vision. I have no problems in that respect.

Hoped I answered all your questions for you.

Good luck and God bless,

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