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[QUOTE=Kelena;4284786]Wait, no, thatīs just my experience, maybe you should try them, maybe theyīll work for you.
Hmmm, acuvue advanced? I am afraid I canīt help you, cause, I donīt know what that means. I am not good at medical terminology. All I know is that I wear Frequency 55 aspheric, and they have been great for me.
Acuvue Advance is the brand lens I wear. They supposedly have hydra-clear which is what Acuvue brand claims keeps the eyes moist or what not. I used to wear Biomedics in the past, but the Acuvue's were good for me when I used to wear them so I just stuck to that brand. I might give the opti-medics a try eventually.

My eyes are very strange. I used to tell to my doctor that I have foreign body sensation, scratchings, and all that stuff when I take off my contacts, but he assured me, for, I donīt know how many times, that everything is OK with my eyes. But, the funny thing was that my eyes would feel just fine the moment I would put my contacts in. That is why, i didnīt make a fuss about it, cause it didnīt bother me. Upon awakening, I would feel those same symptoms - foreign body sensations, sometimes burning sensation, maybe, maybe dry eyes, but, I donīt know, it was more like they were stuffed with sand, if you know what I mean. (And, yes, I know, that is a symptom of a dry eye :) ) but the moment I would put my contacts in, all of that would go away. [/QUOTE]
I used to feel almost the exact same feeling! Almost like your eye surface is naturally scratched so when the contact is on it you then feel as if they are keeping the moisture in and don't hurt. I have to say, this is exactly what I was feeling when I sort of reached my limit, and that was why I switched to glasses for a bit. I also noticed at that time that if I was let's say in the shower and water got in my eyes, it hurt like no other. My guess is that the eye surface is loosing its natural sense of retaining moisture or something.

I used to rub my eyelids with cotton sticks and baby shampoo, my lower eyelids. But sure, I will look up for Ocusoft eyelid cleanser... Sounds good.[/QUOTE]
I'm guessing the baby shampoo method is basically just as good as the Ocusoft without the price tag. Guess the only benefit is that the Ocusoft's are always sterile. My doc once told me to put baby shampoo on a wash cloth and rub like I was doing with the Ocusoft but I didn't have the patience to do either really.

I believe thatīs the problem I have now. Concretions! Doc told me I should remove them cause they are the reason my contacts are bothering me. Donīt know, hope she is right.
And, yes, I did put hot wash clothes, it didn't help. That s what my previous doc told me to do.
What I was mentioning didn't look like what a Concretion was from a google search I did and saw on this page:

I was thinking more along the lines of either Blepharitis or a stye. It is basically a teeny tiny bubble of oil that is on the edge of your eyelid. When I used to get these if I had my contacts in I could feel it rub against the teeny tiny pimple and it was annoying!

I did notice that after I stopped wearing my contacts I hardly get that tiny pimple on the edge of my eyelid any more. However, I do remember that I tried to wear my contacts after a short while after stopping and switching to glasses and that I would get a tiny pimple on the edge of my eye. I imagine that the contact forces the oils to stay on the edge of the eyelid and the result is more build up of the follicles and more tiny pimples.

Whatever you do, always get a second opinion since some doctors are quick to try something without diagnosing as well as they could.

Yes, your feedback helps. :) At least I know I am not the only one with eye problems. I am frustrated cause one doc says one thing and the other completely different thing.
I scheduled concretions removal, hope that that will resolve my eye problems. If not, maybe, Iīll take a break.

Wish you luck, hope that youīll be able to wear your contacts now. ;)[/QUOTE]
Yes, your feedback helps too! and to know someone else out there is experiencing the exact same thing. Sucks either of us have to have it, but I guess its good that we can exchange experiences.

If I had one bit of advice to you (Coming from my experience and from someone who basically went through similar symptoms many months back) it would be to stop wearing your contacts completely for a bit. Not sure if it means 1 month, or 10 months, but it sounds like your eyes are speaking to you, much like mine were. Taking a break to let them breath and get used to controlling their own moisture can only be beneficial.

Another thing I wanted to mention is to toss your contacts after whatever time they say. If they are 2-week disposables, spend the money and refresh them all the time. I would sometimes stretch it a few extra days and could always remember the feeling of fresh lenses, and would inspect and see that the old lenses were much thinner. So that just goes to show that the lens is wearing down over the course of wearing it, so why not keep a fresh lens in the eye regularly. Probably help with keeping them cleaner too. On the same note, buy the better cleaning/soaking solution. I'd always use the bottle that was like $8 or $9 vs. the store brand or ones that were 1/2 the price. I think it was by Alcon, definitely a quality brand from what I could tell as a consumer.

Good luck and keep me posted on how you make out. I'll let you know my experience after I start to wear my contacts again.

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