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[QUOTE=help2help;4284980]It is basically a teeny tiny bubble of oil that is on the edge of your eyelid.[/QUOTE]

Sorry, i misunderstood you. Well, I donīt think I have that kind of problems. To tell you the truth, I am completely confused right now. I donīt even know what to google any more, cause, apparently when it comes to the eyes, symptoms are almost the same ones!

I saw how sty looks like, and no, I donīt have it. But, my doc told me that my glands are clogged from excess oil, and yes, I have some of the of the symptoms – pain, tenderness, itching... Also, he told me that I suffer from a chronic blepharitis, which is mild and manageable, but, when I visited another doc, she then told me that I donīt have blepharitis at all!!! And yes, I did put warm compresses, did clean my eyelids, but it seems I donīt have a sty.

I believe I have this:
„The conjunctiva will exhibit calcium deposits in the form of concretions. A concretion is a small, hard, yellow or white deposit. This deposit forms in the conjunctiva that lines the inside of your eyelids. Concretions are most common if you have a condition that causes your eyes to be inflamed for a long period of time. The cells in your conjunctiva begin to degenerate. [U]Concretions are usually associated with advancing years[/U]. As this happens, other materials fill the space in what is known as a cyst. As the cyst hardens, it forms a small piece of calcium. The treatment of large concretions is to have your optometrist of ophthalmologist remove them. This requires only a topical anesthetic.”

Please, pay attention on the underline sentence! I may be old for someone, but I believe that the age of 25 are not the advancing years. :D Also, those concretions can be removed (Donīt know about sty, does it go away by itself, or you remove it), which is going to happen to me tomorrow. With topical anesthesia and sterile needle.

Those bumps, or whatever I have, canīt be seen. I donīt even know where they are placed: tarsal glands, conjunctiva, eyelids, inverted eyelids or wherever! When I look at the anatomy of the eye, I realise that I found myself looking at it and not seeing the difference between some things. And not to mention my confusion when read about the symptoms. The best thing I can do now is to wait, because, this research of mine only gets me confused.

[QUOTE=help2help;4284980]I imagine that the contact forces the oils to stay on the edge of the eyelid and the result is more build up of the follicles and more tiny pimples.[/QUOTE]

Exactly, thatīs what my doc said to me. But why did she recommend surgical removal I donīt know. I know that I sound like a complete idiot right now, but really, I am confused.

Thank you for the advices! Maybe I just donīt want to face the truth that lenses are foreign bodies in our eyes, and that no matter what docs are saying, (Safe to wear them up to 18 houres everyday) we should rest our eyes and combine wearing them with glasses. Probably, I make too much fuss over nothing, cause only thing that matters to me is to wear my lenses comfortably, donīt know why I am that much afraid of the glasses. But, well, thatīs not a discussion for this forum.

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