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I am going to post this on a few different boards to increase my chances of actually figuring out the cause...

About 3 years ago I developed a small gray/blind spot in my left eye kind of lower left to my central vision. It looks like the spot that a camera will leave in your vision after having a picture taken with a flash... but instead of disappearing after a few minutes, it's permanent.

I saw 3 eye specialists and they weren't sure what it was but said that everything looked just fine yet there was a tiny red dot showing in the pictures of the back of my eye correlating to the blind spot I was seeing but they said it was just blood leaked and it should eventually go away.

3 years later and the blind spot is still there.

Two days ago I woke up with another blind spot that looks the same, but in the right eye and MUCH bigger.

There are several potential causes; diabetes, which runs in my family but I was tested and I don't have it... MS, which my grandfather had but I have no other symptoms of it.... Thyroid problems, I do suspect I am hyperthyroid (I have everything right down to losing tons of hair), or my birth control pill, Yaz... which has a lawsuit against it for blood clots and vision loss.

I've given up on going to the eye doctors and am seeing an internal medicine doctor in 2 weeks for this... In the meantime, I'm doing as much research as I can because I don't want to go blind.

Any thoughts on what could cause these gray spots??

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