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[QUOTE=CarolDiane;4301946]Whenever I move my head from left to right or right to left . . .I see weird flashes of light in my right eye only. I doesn't hurt but is quite annoying. What could it be? I wear contacts and have never had any eye problems.[/QUOTE]

Are you nearsighted? I also have eye flashes in my peripheral vision from time to time, but only in the left eye. I went to a retinal specialist and he diagnosed me with lattice degeneration. I had my eyes checked twice already but he found no retinal tears or detachment. I'm at risk of getting retinal detachment though, so I'll be undergoing preventive surgery soon.

It would be better if you have your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist specially one who is a retinal specialist. Better to be on the safe side. :)

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