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Ok, so 5 days ago I managed to get a tiny speck of plastic in my eye that wouldnt budge. It didnt hurt, just felt like I had an eyelash constantly in there which im sure can imagine was a little annoying. Sleeping wasnt too much of a problem. After 2 days I decided to go to hospital where they flicked the speck and told me it would still feel like I had something in there due to the scratch for a couple of days.

My eye was a little more scratchy/sore but I thought this was normal as I did have a fresh scratch on it from the needle the nurse used but then the following day I awoke at 6am unable to get back to sleep due to my eye being uncomfortable so I decided to take two painkillers...BIG MISTAKE! I was instantly sick and felt like I had a really bad hangover all day! In the evening after a nap I did feel better as did my eye! I thought "finally its healing!". Had a great nights sleep and the next day everything felt much better :)

BUT today I again woke at 6am with my eye feeling the same as it did when I 1st left the hospital. Really sore and I can feel the scratch again.

Is this normal? Should I go back to the hospital? What could cause my eye to feel so much better then right back at square one again?

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

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