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For the last month or so, my eyes - and this goes more for my right eye than the left, although both are affected - have been quite red. Not all red, but the venes on the white are bigger and way more visible then they use to.
I also have trouble with blurry vision - it helps to blink hard or something, but it's really straining.

Can the red come from the eye(s) 'stress' because of the blurry vision? I thought so, but then it occured to me that the red appeared before the vision trouble. Hm.

I wear contacts, have done so for 10 years, never had a problem. One day disposables, so it's not like one is damaged or anything, either. But the little circle of white eye that's usually covered by the contact lense have short red lines on it, pointing outwards - much like in this picture (found by google, it's not my eye!):

I have been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency a couple of weeks ago, after a long time with many different symptoms appearing. I have read some places that blurry vision could be a symptom of that, too, but never about red and strained/painful eye...

Any thoughts?

I'm seeing my optician in a couple of weeks, and my doctor next week, so I will of course ask them. But I'm happy to hear your thoughts and/or experiences :)

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