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Re: New black spots
Jul 17, 2011
I have had a problem that sounds similar, and I too am exasperated that no one knows what it is. I have made a mock-up image file to explain what I am seeing.

This of course is just a quick photoshop image of the effect. In reality, the identical black spots would be present on EVERY SINGLE point of light in the picture. By the way, in the picture I made, I did try to re-create one item. In addition to each point light source having an identically shaped black spot on it, the point source itself is enlarged in a halo type form and blurred, compared with viewing through the unaffected eye (my problem affects only the left eye).

My story: I noticed these black spots one evening, sitting on my balcony. Left eye only. Thinking back, I know I received a bug or a bit of dust or something in that eye, and I BELIEVE (though not 100% sure) it was the same day. Didn't think anything of it - it's such a common occurrence. That night I had the black spots, and for the next two nights as well. They do not move at all, they're just there on top of every light source, however small or distant. During the day, I had no visual defect at all, however my eye became somewhat inflamed, and I thought I was going to develop a conjunctivitis. This did not happen though. The eye healed, and after a few days the black spots went away completely.

By coincidence, I already had an upcoming appointment with an ophthalmologist, just for a routine visit (I am also a pilot, and have my eyes - and everything else- checked every year). I made the picture to show him to explain what had happened, but he had no idea what it could be, and said my eyes were perfect, with no anomaly of any type. My vision has also not degraded in all the years I've been doing these regular tests.

A week or so later, out of nowhere, I looked out from my balcony at night and the black spots were back! This time I know I had no recent eye injury. It lasted only one night, then went away. That was a few months ago, and I have not seen them since. I am instrument rated, and fly at night, and I would not want to have to deal with this vision defect on approach lights at night, though I believe I would land OK. Driving at night with this defect appears more dangerous to me, because of the density and unpredictable nature of lights everywhere.

It is exasperating that no one seems to know anything about this problem. I have talked with three different doctors, two of them eye specialists, and none of them seemed to know anything about it. The internet also provides very few clues. This thread is the only place where I seem to have encountered people who may be dealing with something similar. Experts talk about "floaters" and all sorts of typical problems, but this is something completely different.

If you all are still reading here, have a look at my pictures and tell me if we're talking about something similar.


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