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hay all.i saw this vision problem in some other topics but i want to open mine too.So for about 4 years i see two images of the nose(one half of nose left and other right of the two eyes).see please this picture to understand better

This images are very annoying because they are located on front of my vision(not exactly front but close).So my story is..had a small vision problem all my life(i was seeing only close or far and didnt have the ability to have a complete icon)but i didnt went to any doctor.But 4 years ago(or 5),the problem become worser because i started seeing these seperate nose images and having a pulsing headache and pulsing vision and generally a pulse eveywhere in my face and head and especially in all teeth area.

i have been in many doctors(neuologists and ophthalmologists)and most of them didnt find anything from the tests(i have done a tomography of my back,neck,but not head).of course because i had double vision(only in some cases not always),i did a muscle surgey on left eye.After this i have been better for 4 months(vision only) but now when i started the university,i have again these two seperate nose shadows that are in front of my vision.Two weeks earlier i have visted an rusian neurologist that lives here in greece and he looked at the tomography of my back.He told that the disc(the top part of skeleton)is blocking an arterial so mayby this causing the problem.he gave me some pills like neurozan,stugeron and told me to come after two weeks for report and to give me something more strong.I dont have the head tomography test done yet but i will do it.

after the surgery i wasnt seeing two images of nose but only one(the left section)but now i see them both again.i dont know if its because of the pulsing.the pulsing was little redused after the surgery(summer holidays)but when started the university i have it again.i was an basketball player all my life(im 21 and 2m height,80 kg weight).So anybody knows something new about this?
i have the exactly same symtoms.pulsing sensation in head,tightness in back side of head,neck tightness,face twitching and eye twitching.anxiety can cause all these physical symptoms.i thought too that i dont have any anxiety but they explained me that anxiety can exist without knowing it.i have this issue with my eyes 3 years and my social and personal life was terrible because of this.try to go to an psychiatrist too.this is my suggestion.i had also ocd,deja vu all my life and didt treated them until now.nice to know someone with same problem

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