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This all started about last July, I'm going to guess. I noticed a patch of dry, slightly flaky, piece of skin right under my left eye. I put vitamin E ointment on it, and it would clear up and come back. Finally, it went away and I noticed something very similar forming on the crease of my left eyelid. This however was worse, it was very dry, and very flaky looking. I put the vitamin E on it at night and still nothing would fix it. I was kind of stupid though, I didn't get it looked at and I still wore my eye makeup. It slowly started to spread across my eyelid and started forming on my right eyelid also. My eyelids were always red, like I had pinky red eye shadow on all the time, I would wake up to my eyelids very swollen, dry and flaky. The swelling would go down after washing my face.
By this time, I had discontinued the use of eye makeup.

In December, I started to get sneezey, my throat was a little lumpy at the back and my eyes were crazy itchy, I went to a Pharmacist and she gave me so allergenic eye drops, which helped with the itching. That's when I finally made an appointment to see my family doctor and she diagnosed me with Blepheritis and she gave me Garamycin drops and ointment and I was promised that everything would clear up in a week or so. Not so much. It did nothing for me. By this time I was constantly putting a triple antibiotic ointment on my eyelids and this seemed to help the best.

Before my week was up with the Garamycin I moved, and since I hadn't seen an improvement I decided to go make an appointment to see an Optometrist and while making the appointment the gentleman that owned the glasses store told me he had a young lady who worked for him have Blepheritis for 2 years and tried everything and one day it just cleared up. He told me to try washing my eyes with a gentle soap (I had already been washing them with Johnson's baby wash) with a warm washcloth to get rid of the flaky skin and it also put warm compresses on my eyes a few times a day. I did as he told me and it got rid of the flakes that were there, but they would reappear the next morning.

A week later, I went to see the Optometrist, and when I went in there were no visible flakes, my lids were just visibly red. I gave him my list of symptoms, including the itchy eyes and he told me he didn't think I had Blepheritis, but he couldn't tell me what exactly I had either. He gave me some Erythromycin ointment which he told me to put in my eyes as well as my eyelids. Again, this did nothing for me. A week after the sneezy, stuffy nose, lumpy throat, itchy eye symptoms went away .so I'm thinking I had something and the itchy eyes had something to do with it and not my eye lids.

It's been a month since then and the symptoms have seemed to spread even more, its gone up to almost where my eye brows sit, it's gone right into the inner corners of my eyes, surrounding my tear ducts and out around the far corner of my eyes and I've noticed something very similar across the bridge of my nose, although that could just be dry skin. I'm still cleaning them twice a day with a wash cloth and baby wash.
I'm about to make another doctors appointment, and this time go in with the flaky skin so he can see for himself and maybe get a referral to see a Dermatologist. Does anyone know what this could be? I personally think I do have Bleph, but its spread fairly far away from my eyelids. I am very fair skinned so my skin is very sensitive and I do not wear contacts. Does anyone know of something else I could try to clear it up? I know Bleph is very hard to get rid of, but if there is something I could try, I'm willing to! Thank you!

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