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I've posted at a few boards and can't seem to get any real answers. I'm not blaming anyone, but I'm getting really depressed as this has been going on for far too long. I seemed to get blurred vision almost overnight. I think it probably took a couple weeks to a month. I started out trying to get new glasses and I went to 4 different Optometrists and got glasses at each of them. They said I was overcorrected with my old glasses. I'm 39 and I've no problem with these glasses until about 8 months ago. Even when I got new glasses with a lower prescription it barely helped. My eyesight is not too bad at long distances (with my glasses that is) and moderately bad at medium distances and horrible at short distance.

One of the later Optometrist I went to set my prescription to OD(right eye) -3.75 / OS(left eye) -4.00. Well, the right eye was just a hair too weak, but the left eye but too blurry. The thing is, this was before the blurriness started. This had been the 2nd or third Optometrist I'd been too but my old glasses had always been OK still. So I just had her change that prescription to what I have in my old glasses (which I've had for 4 years or so and never had a problem). right eye 4.25 / left eye 4.50. I know I'm not putting the cylinder but I'm thinking it's not important. If it is, just let me know. I then made a final change AGAIN that helped only slightly...that is at close to medium distances it's a little blurry but it's a little better but depending on the day it could be better or worse. Anyway I changed the right eye to 4.00.

Here's the thing about eye doctors though. The last eye doctor or Opthomologist I went to rather put my prescription actually higher than what I'm wearing now!!! That doesn't even make sense! All the other doctors said I was overcorrected, but again if that's true then why doesn't my new glasses (at least in the right lens) fix this problem??

Sometimes my eyes are better than others but they are always blurry to some extent. This isn't apart of aging as I said, this came on so fast and if it were then a lower prescription glasses would do the trick. Now I did hit my head fairly hard (didn't need to go to the ER or anything) about 6 months prior to the blurred vision, but I didn't have any blurred vision until about 6 months later.

I had a diabetes test and my A1C is 5.4 which is borderline I'm told but they said I did not have diabetes. Actually the first thing I thought it was, was my medication. I'm bi-polar and I took these meds at the time. Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Lunesta, Unisom and Zyzal (for allergies). I went off all meds for a week and nothing changed. So I switched the meds that I thought might cause it, even though I didn't notice any change while off. I'm wondering if I need more time off the drugs like two weeks. I've stopped all meds now to test that theory. I am taking (well I just started off everything just yesterday) Prozac, Trileptal, Lunesta, Unisom and Xyzal. Could any of these drugs cause my problem?? There were some other drugs I was taking too that I forgot. I looked them up and I'm gonna stop taking them too. The percentages of people getting blurred vision was very low but I noticed that I had a few of the very low symptoms with Seroquel, like restless leg, weight gain and those were under 5% so I think it's very possible that Seroquel could be helping to feed the blurred vision. Here's the rub though. I had the blurred vision months before I was taking Seroquel. Anyway I'm taking Depakote and Clonidine and Topamax. Those last three I've only been taking about a week but I'm gonna stop everything, save Lunesta for about two weeks like I said.

Actually there is one drug that I started taking every night prior to the blurriness. I took Cogentin and I know for a fact that, that caused me to have blurry vision for a couple weeks, but I'm not taking that anymore because of that. My only other thing I can think of is a neurological problem. I went to two different Opthomologists and they said my optic nerve is fine, although I have high pressure so they gave me drops for that. I forgot about the drops but I was taking them to prevent glaucoma. That said I had blurred vision a month or two before I started the drops.

When I'm looking through my glasses (which is always, I'm nearsighted) it does look as if my prescription is way too strong. Like I said before though they only dropped my prescription .25 on each eye and it makes very little difference. Can anyone tell me perhaps if it's the drugs I take? Oh and I don't do any illicit street drugs either so I know it's not that.

It's also not allergy eyes or dry eyes too as I have moisture drops for them and they don't help at all. Also when I blink it doesn't get better. If it is the drugs I take, how long should I stay off of them before my vision comes back to normal (assuming that's the problem). I sometimes have slightly high blood pressure but that's just recently and it's not real high. Thanks in advance for your help.

I've even had a CT and MRI scan and nothing shows up, but something is definitely wrong.

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