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Hey, new to the forum and have some concerns i'd like to share about my vision.

I'm 21 years old, male. At around 16 my eye site started deteriorating, so i went to the doctor and found out i had 20/25 in one eye and 20/30 in the other, my left eye being the better of the two. So i got a pair of glasses, but hardly ever used them (i was 16, didn't think it was cool). Things got somewhat blurry when at a distance away, but reading up close was/is fine.

Well, about a year ago i started getting floaters in my right eye (the eye that had the poorer of the two visions). I hadn't had any head trauma, so i just figured they would go away- well, here we are and i still have them. But this isn't what concerns me.

For the past few years i've been a plane enthusiast and often sit outside at night with binoculars and track planes above. It's always been an easy challenge, just spot the blinking lights! Well i've noticed recently (maybe last 6 months) that looking at the blinking lights is getting really hard. I can VERY easily spot the blinking lights in my peripheral vision, but as soon as i look DIRECTLY at the light, i can't see it anymore. In fact the same thing happens when looking at stars- i can see them easily in my peripheral vision, but when i look directly at them, they disappear. This happens with and without my glasses (which only make the glare worse at night). From my research it appears the OPPOSITE should be true- i should be able to see the star when looking directly at it better than when it's in the corner of my eye...

And yesterday something weird happened. For no apparent reason in the middle of the day, my right eye started producing this "wavy" - "old TV static" effect at the top and right side of my right eye's vision. Sort of like a band of "waviness" or the black and white blotches of an old TV when it went all static- but only at the top and right side of my right eyes vision. This effect lasted for no longer than 10 minutes and completely went away. It was there whether my right eye was open or closed, whether i was outside or in the dark.

Should i be worried about my vision? Why do i have floaters at 21 years old?

Any input is appreciated on my symptoms, Thanks!

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