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Re: Double vision
Mar 5, 2011
[QUOTE=JodieJ;4699506]I don't know what's causing your double vision, and I really hope that you find a doctor who can help you. But my own experience with double vision, which suddenly developed when I was about 50 years old, strongly suggests that some of the information you've received from the eye care professionals whom you've consulted is just plain WRONG. I received similar inaccurate information from the optometrists and ophthalmologists I consulted. I also received wrong prism corrections that didn't work and wasted my time and money.

My double vision was horizontal and for distance vision only, and it was related to an eye muscle imbalance (probably secondary to my use of monovision contact lenses). I did not have a lazy eye or a history of childhood strabismus. (You can have strabismus and not have a lazy eye.) My need for prism increased significantly from morning to evening. This was because my eye muscles became more tired as the day progressed, making my double vision problem worse--but a competent professional should be able to write a prescription for prism that works all the time. It's more difficult to fuse the images of each eye in dim lighting conditions (fewer peripheral vision cues) and in a moving vehicle. I had the same problems that you described in your first post.

If your current doctor isn't helping you, I'd strongly suggest that you try consulting a board-certified strabismus specialist. It was my experience that double vision can practically drive a person crazy. I opted to have a totally painless outpatient procedure that eliminated my problem.[/QUOTE]

What kind of procedure was it?

I have bilateral horizontal and vertical vertigo (both ears are involved). Red traffic lights are doubled horizontally. If my husband swings around a curve suddenly without telling me, I get very dizzy, so the experience of horizontal centrifugal force is awful. Therefore, I cannot enjoy the Disney or amusement park rides. They are sheer terror for me.

I have been doing the Epley maneuvers for the left side this week and will do the ones for the right side next week. I see little improvement as I woke up dizzy this morning even though I got up slowly. Arising quickly can cause me to black out. A change in blood pressure from lying down to sitting up does not help either.

The audiologist said that I have a lot of issues going on with the double vision and double vertigo (affecting both right and left ears) and the changes in positions from lying down, to sitting up, to standing up causing changes in my blood pressure. So getting up in the morning is difficult. During the day, I am usually fine. Indeed, if I feel the need to take a nap during the day, I find it hard to wake up and need at least four to six hours of sleep, but doing that disturbs my sleep at night. Thankfully, anxiety is not an issue here. Like you, I tend to have more problems at night with double vision.

Also like you, my double vision is largely in the distant. However, I do have blurry vision when trying to catch a low ball (at or below my waist). One that is tossed up high in the air causes no problems. This is what alerted the physical therapists that there might be an underlying problem and that I had need of further evaluation by a neurologist. Surprisingly, it was the PTs, not the optimists and ophthalmologists who first noted the problems.

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