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My whole life I had 20/20 vision and then while I was pregnant with my son in 2006 I began seeing small specs of light out of the corner of my eye and when I'd look at them, they'd move away. I figured it was harmless until in the mall one day when a shower of hundreds of them appeared. It scared me enough that I went to one of the eye doctors in the mall who did an exam and said everything, including my retina was healthy and normal. These symptoms continued on and off through out my pregnancy. I gave birth to my son at 10:30am in 2007 and that night, I made my way from a dark hospital room to the bathroom, turned on the light, did my thing and turned the light back off. Going from the bright bathroom light to a pitch dark room caused strobe lights in my vision. That has continued to happen off and on since that night over 4 years ago. Fast forward a year and I'm in nursing school learning how to do a basic neurological assessment. I came home and was checking my own pupils in the mirror and realized they were unequal. My right pupil was smaller than my left and noticeably so. They were round and reacted okay but were different sizes. I had never noticed this before but I do notice that they are not always unequal. Sometimes they are the same exact size. In April of 2009 while sitting outside I noticed my first floater. It was transparent and cob web like and floated across my vision. That was my first one, now I see multiple floaters all the time when outside, looking at a white wall, etc and it has impacted my quality of vision. In the mean time I have gone to the eye doctor 2x, was told my eyes were okay. They said I had astigmatism and needed contacts (more so for my right eye then my left). They gave me contacts, I wore them but nothing changed with my vision and since I couldn't get use to having the contacts in I stopped wearing them. And lastly, about a month ago I started seeing halos around street lights and stop lights and headlights coming at me look like big star bursts. Sometimes if 2 cars are driving one behind the other it will appear to me that they are side by side. I actually swerved off the road last week thinking a car that was passing wasn't going to get over in time but it turns out it was never side by side the other car to begin with. All of these symptoms are freaking me out. I stress and worry everyday that it's a brain tumor and I can't escape it. I am so scared of what it may be that I can't bring myself to go to the doctor for an MRI, etc. Does anybody have any ideas? I know it's a lot of stuff but I'm to the point where it is taking over my life. Because it's my vision and effects both eyes during the day and at night I can't escape it! Please help me!

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