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Macular lesions ?
Apr 26, 2011
I am 41 years old I have Lupus, celiac and a blood clot disorder (i throw clots) I was put a plaquinil for lupus 3 years ago, had my eyes checked and was told i had small lesion in one eye. six months ago I started to have trouble with the medicine, was getting sick from it, I stopped taking it, and was put on steroids, and forced to take it again.
In December, while in Staples I had a tunnel vision, and everything blacked out. I lost total vision for about 2 minutes, then I saw shadows for about 15 minutes. It was horrible, but got better. I started to have increased dificulty with reading, and see floaters alot. I also have the feeling that there is something poking me in my left eye, thought it was a stye so changed makeup, soaked got drops, still there. I even stoped wearing makeup all together.

Went to eye dr last week, now the test shows, severe lesions on macular, both eyes said he thought it was genetic, and it would not get better. Sent me to retina specialist and having test done today, angiogram and a color test thurs. My vision has decreased, and have been having terrible headaches. Any ideas? He said something about macular dystrophy, but it is not age related, I am sooo worried, and would like to have some questions when I go today. I keep seeing like a fuzz in my left eye, but they said nothing is there, it must be from lesion. could this be serious, they seem to be very worried. They also had me stop my lupus medication immediatly.

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