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I'm so thankful to have found this message board and I hope that someone can answer my question.

About a year ago I began having flashes and I went to an Ophthalmologist to have it checked out. My retina checked out fine. A while later I started seeing a lot of floaters, so I went back and everything still checked out fine. She had me do a test where you look at a spot straight ahead and lights flash in the peripheral vision. That came back fine, as well as a retina scan done the same day.

A few months later I went back because I noticed that if I stared straight ahead and moved my head up and down while keeping my eyes stationary I would see black spots in my vision, similar to the kind you see when rubbing your eyes. The doctor didn't think that it was anything to worry about. I still see those if I move my head the right way and it still freaks me out.

And I've been noticing that lights burn into my vision a little more than they used to. Not only that, but I'm seeing after images of things. For example, if I'm wearing dark shoes and I'm standing on a light floor and I glance at my shoes, when I move my eyes away, I'll see a flash of an afterimage of the shoes. I'm seeing this stuff all day and it's driving me crazy. It started soon after I got all of the floaters.

I'm wondering if all of this is just related to the process of the gel in my eye getting older and "liquifying", pulling away from the retina. I know that is what caused the flashes and floaters. But is it what is causing the rest of this stuff. Seems like it all started happening about the same time.

I am 40 years old and am very nearsighted. I had lazik back in 2003 and had great results. Unfortunately, about the same time that I got the floaters, my vision changed slightly and I'm back to wearing glasses again.

I'm really hoping that someone can answer some of my questions.

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