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both eye was red from past 15 days.visited eye doc 7 days ago and he said your eye have reaction with UV rays, give me two drops Cromolyn sodium opthalmic solution and Dexamethasoone Sodium phosphate opthalmic Solution,

[B]My Condition 7 Days ago[/B]
using both after 4 days one eye become clear and I have notice the on the other eye a small pimple grown in between white and black portion of eye and redness on the pimple side is still there and at that side (on left eye) I see blur at corner, I called the doc by phone and said my prob.. he said continue both the drops.

I have stopped both med and my eye pimple gone but redness in left eye and corner blury vision is still there with redness in white portion of eye

[B]My Condition Now[/B]
[B]I visited another doc 5 days ago[/B] he said previous med are also good you should but use pataday only two times a day for seven days... now after using pataday its three days ago I was stuck in a traffic jam and both eye become red after few hours...but eye become clear and left-eye remain light red next day

Now after 5 Day gone I am using pata day daily when I woke up today both eye are little more red than the previous two day...and I still feel a bit blury in corner of left eye where redness is still there

Its One month now I am still stuck in this problem please help me...
Your other eye is suffering from some reaction so try to consult a good eye specialist

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