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I'm 63, and wear contacts. About two months ago, I started getting blurry vision. I assumed it was the effect of allergens in my eyes, which has happened before. But I got suspicious when I saw the problem was only in my left eye. Then I started doing a few experiments, comparing my vision with my left versus my right eye.

I saw that colors, as seen from my left eye, are less saturated than with my right eye. I.e., colors look more washed out.

The effect appears to be more pronounced with the color yellow, less pronounced with the color blue,and intermediate with the color red.

The color effects are less pronounced in bright light than in dim light.

Objects appear slightly darker with my left eye than my right.

Shadows appear less discernable with my left eye than my right.

Another vision effect is that sometimes when I go from subdued light into bright light, I see a small cluster of fuzzy blue spots, and rarely an irregular boundaried blue patch. It soon fades away. I think these may only be seen in my left eye, but I'm not sure.

A final problem is that when I remove all lenses, and look at text with only my left eye, the text to the left of thecenter of view seems to fade practically to nothing.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I plan to make an appointment with a neuro-opthamologist.

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