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[QUOTE=propain;4774011]Well I was diagnosed with csr of the right eye about 2004 and had laser surgery to burn the leak shut since it wasn't in my central vision. All was well for a year and then it returned, except this time in my central vision.
I went through the photocogulation laser surgery since it was in my central
vision. That was about 5 years ago and I still can't read. When driving my
periphial is awesome but if I had to close my good eye I wouldn't be able to
tell if there was a car in front of me unless I looked off a little to use my
periphial and then it's impossible to judge distance. I also ride a motorcycle
whenever I can so I wear special sealed glasses to keep debris out of my good

It's just so depressing that this condition has endured for 5 years when most
articles state that it heals itself in 4-6 weeks or months. 5 years??? I'm
losing hope that I'll ever get well.
I know I need to go to a retinal specialist for another exam but with this job
it's hard to get the $3000 deductible IF the insurance doesn't have csr as an
Is this common to have the symptoms/condition for this long? 5 years?[/QUOTE]

Hi propain, sorry to hear about your decreased vision. If you could clarify some points for me. You had a recurrent episode of CSR in your right eye in 2005, but this time it was in your central vision? What type of tests did you do to confirm CSR diagnosis? What was your vision at the beginning of this episode? and how long did your surgeon wait before doing laser photocoagulation? How big of an area was the treatment zone? What was your vision after the laser treatment? Have you noticed an improvement of vision since your treatment? What did your retinal surgeon say regarding the recovery of your vision and the time it will take?

Yes, CSR is usually self limiting and resolves within 8-12 weeks unless there are exogenous medicine use such as steroids which can not be discontinued, recurrent episodes, etc, in which case other intervention may be necessary to hasten the resolution of the leakage. However, as you probably know, photocoagulation creates scars, so for you to have reduced vision after so long, the chances are your fovea may have been affected due to scarring from the leakage or from the laser. Study has shown that it can happen to the fellow eye as well. I think it's a good idea to have your yearly routine examination to include the dilated fundus exam to make sure that everything is in order especially now that you are considered to be monocular. Whether you wear glasses or not, it is best to get polycarbonate lenses for extra safety protection.

Sorry to be throwing so many questions at you, but your question can't be answered without knowing some info. But honestly, the best thing is for you to see a retinal specialist, but I can understand the insurance issue, but just remember, you can't put a price tag on your eyes :cool:

Take care.

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