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Swollen Right Eye
Jun 14, 2011
For the past 11 years, my right eye will swell up (only my right eye). I know the symptom is coming on when my right vision starts to blur. Then in a couple of days, a hard bump develops usually on the bottom of my eye towards the inner part of my eye (not on the eye lid) but below it. Sometimes a hard bump will develop right above the inner eye (by the bridge of my nose). Within minutes, my whole eye will swell up (not my eye lids but around my eye; top and bottom). The worst swelling is by my inner eye. During this time, it is very red, itches, and very uncomfortable. The worst of the swelling lasts for a day, day 2 - swelling starting to go down and by day 3 it is gone. There has been no pattern (sometimes I get the swelling once or twice a month). It has been atleast 3 months since I have had swelling of the eye. Along with the swelling, I get a huge migraine and just want to sleep all day. I have been to doctors, eye doctors, specialists, and no one seems to know what to do or what it is. I just want answers and I get very scared every time that this happens. I am hoping someone can help me. I have taken Benadryl, Excederin Migraine, tried ice and heat compresses and nothing changes. Please help? I have attached 2 pictures.

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