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When I woke up in the recovery room following my facelift surgery (6 days ago) I noticed that something was bothering my left eye. Later in the day after my general anaesthesia had worn off and I got a chance to look closely at my eye in the mirror it appeared red, watery and obviously irritated. Upon closer look I noticed a white bump or abrasion on my cornea just to the left of my iris. I aslo noticed an accumulation of pus and film when I woke up from sleeps in the days following. My Plastic Surgeon gave me some eye drops and a patch to wear for the first day following my facelift but since it is still bothering me he is sending me to see an Opthalmologist in a few days. I wonder if my eye was scratched by the anaesthetist or nurse when he or she put ointment in my eyes before the surgery. I wonder also if they had put tape across my eyes and when they removed it that they had caught my eye and caused the irritation. I understand that an abrased cornea can happen during surgeries. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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