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I have begun to experience floaters, flashes, easily fatigued eyes, after images. Recent exam by my eye doctor (MD) when I had a flash that grayed out a tiny area - gray area went away in about an hour. This was apparently a microscopic piece of plaque that had blocked an arteriole (tiny blood vessel) in my eye. All cardiovascular tests came back negative.

About 2 weeks later after I began to see more floaters; a month after that I began to see flashes of random sizes in random locations in my visual field - which fortunately have not affected my vision. These continue to be present but the doctor can find no cause but did caution me to call him immediately if I began to see more floaters or if my vision deteriorated in any way .... which leads me to believe that he suspects I am at risk for a retinal tear or detachment. Especially since I am very nearsighted.

My stress level has been off the charts for some time - resulting in severe TMJ disorder (teething clenching), fibromyalgia, IBS. It seems to me that some or all of these could have a negative effect on vision and/or produce ocular migraines. Any thoughts?

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