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For the past week or so my right eye has had a marking on it similar to that of the "vein" markings you get on your eyes when bloodshot, except this looks far different. This stands out, and shows as darker red.

First a little information, and before we get far I'm a bit of a hypochondriac so a lot of things worry me easily. I wear glasses because I'm shortsighted. While I can read something close to me, unless it's largely sized I cannot make it out after it leaves a two foot range. I can tell who someone is from a good distance away and recognize a lot of objects while without my glasses, but some details will slip by. My right eye is, as far as my best judgment can make out, is stronger, but by so little that my eyes are essentially equal in range.
I have a very, very irregular sleep pattern. I like to sleep, don't get me wrong, but I like to stay busy and sometimes it seems like an inconvenience instead of something actually helpful. Other times I just can't sleep at all. Then there are times where I can't STOP sleeping. I can't say how long I sleep on average because I would need to sleep again after getting a quarter of the way through figuring it out.
A majority of my day is spent staring at screens. Computer screens, television screens, and the screen of my Nintendo DS lately. I read a fair amount both on my computer and in books.
I also have an extremely peculiar immunity to the sensitivity to light most people I know have; if they're in a dark room for a long enough period, they'll be forced to close their eyes when light is turned on, while I myself would sit through it without even needing to blink. At most, I would feel a slight "adjusting" feeling as my eyes readjust to the lighting. Along with my eyes having the ability to adapt to light quickly, I have some degree of increased night vision.
My eyes ARE sensitive when exposed to certain amounts of light, though. Usually this only occurs if I go to a beach or somewhere similar, at which point when I walk into the light I'll essentially go blind; I won't be able to open my eyes for some time and they'll water as they struggle to adjust.
Also, if it means anything, I have long eyelashes. I mean long. To give you an idea, there are chav girls at my school who wear those strange fake eyelashes meant to make them look longer, and my eyelashes are still longer than that.

The autobiographical wall of text behind, about a week ago I was playing a video game on my Wii when all of a sudden I feel the slightly painful, annoying feeling of an eyelash being stuck in the corner of my right eye. My eyelashes being long, I end up actually needing to dislodge one every two weeks or so, so it didn't seem unusual. I went to check on it, and if memory serves correct I did remove one, and then I checked my eye to be sure it was out completely. I noticed something slightly alarming; my eye had a bloodshot-line going from the right side of my right eye to about a little short of a centimeter away from my iris. I couldn't exactly tell what it was though; it had the vein-like look that a normal bloodshot area has, but it looked darker red than the usual pink. I couldn't really figure out what to make of this, seeing as how my eyes are almost always bloodshot, being a computer geek, gamer, and sometimes book worm. I also couldn't tell if it was a normal bloodshot spot or if it was a cut, though it wasn't bleeding so I assumed the latter was silly to consider. I showed my step mother, but she dismissed it as nothing. A little bit later when I was getting ready to go to sleep, the corner of my eye that the little vein came from began to itch and irritate me slightly, but I could get to sleep regardless.

For a few days after that I felt very little except for the occasional "raw" feeling you get from a cut that doesn't bleed but is exposed to the air. Then two days ago my eye began to irritate and itch occasionally, located around the area that felt like where the "vein" was at, and that night I put in some eye drops with the label stating them as a "Polymixin B Sulfate and Trimethoprim Ophthalmin solution" as far as the label tells me. Putting them causes the area to stop having the irritating pain and then burn slightly for about two minutes, after which if I put them in while irritated it will just itch and irritate me again, though to a lesser degree than before and it will usually stop thirty minutes later. If I put them in while it isn't irritating me, it will burn slightly, though less than if it was irritated previously, and then for about ten minutes it will slightly itch and burn.
Since the first time I put the drops in, I've tried to put one dose in every twelve hours. The first time was at night and the second day I forgot to put them in during the morning and only got the dose in at night. Today I've managed to follow correctly, and got the dose in at the right time. I woke up this morning with slight irritation but that was all, and it went away soon after the eye drops were in.

So does anyone have any idea what this is and what to do about it?? It doesn't seem to have to gotten worse beyond it began to irritate and itch in that one spot, and it's nothing that distracts me too much. It bothers it when I blink or close my eyes, but not very much and it just feels like touching a shallow cut close to healing. My current best bet is that I cut my eye somewhere with the eyelash I got out, and that the line is either a blood vessel that got cut somewhere away from the area I've focused on (I've had eyelashes get stuck in the corner before, so it wouldn't be a surprise.) and is irritated from the cut but wasn't cut deeply enough to break it, or that the "vein" is the scratch itself.
As far as I can tell, the area has began to clear up, but I'm still not going to trust my idea of it alone, so I want someone else's opinion on it. I do have a doctor I could see, and I'm actually getting an appointment soon anyway, but the appointment is more than a week away and no place in town has a doctor free sooner. It could be nothing, but I treasure my vision almost as much as my intelligence (Albeit sometimes my intelligence is what fuels my hypochondria.) so I wouldn't like to lose my vision if this is something actually serious. I could be overreacting, but I don't have a MD so I can't accurate diagnose myself.

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