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After coming down with some heavy duty digestive problems 2 years ago, I developed black floaters in my right eye. They are seemingly permanent and since the development (there are about 3-5, though some seem connected) they have not changed in severity.

I am, and have been, completely annoyed by them! The most annoying one is smack dab in the center of my line of vision. These floaters don't move around much, they are STUCK where they are, so when my eye moves, they go along with it. Extremely bothersome!

Opthalmologist is not worried, and doesn't believe that these could be related to my random onset digestive issues that began 6 months prior (at age 27) to the floaters' arrival. It seems like too much of a coincidence to me, but what do I know? ;)

I should mention that I do not have flashes or balls of light, etc. Has anyone had their floaters disappear after years? I can't seem to ignore mine unless I'm in a dark room. Bah humbug.

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