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[QUOTE=sammi2;4827480]I know about being unemployed & no insurance but you need to be checked by an Opthamologist. It could be a detachment of some kind. Don't take a chance with your sight.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, viewing is a little better this am. Made an appt with Eye Dr. but not Opthamologist...may have to visit next. If you don't have vision, employment will be almost impossible in competing with 20-30 yo.
thanks for caring and the response!
Echoing what Sammi2 said. If your appointment with the eye doctor is not right away, you should call them up and ask them to see you as soon as they can - this could be an emergency, so don't hesitate to let them know that. If you are suffering from a retinal detachment you have only a limited window of opportunity to address the problem. Also, you may want to ask someone to drive you there. Hope it is nothing serious, and that you simply have a floater unrelated to any larger issue. Let us know how things turn out. Good luck

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