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Thanks for replying. So yes it sounds similar. In dark/dimly lit room I notice like little pinhole flashes right around where the blind spot is. And of course in broad daylight these spots are like the 4th of July. And yes after several dialted exams and retinal photographs, an OCT, and the exam where the Retina Specialist sticks a instrument all around your eye ball - not pleasent - but all of these turned out fine again with the *eye*.

Yes these are truly blind spots. As I mentioned above, I can close one eye, look at the cable modem/router blinking lights, then move my open eye left and right and I can make the lights out every easily when looking straight ahead or to the extreme left and right. But moving my eyes just a little bit over the lights disappear. This is NOT the physiological blind spot either - these are much larger than that. I would say there is just nothingness inside these spots when I look at something on a wall or in my backyard. Instead of light or dark, it's just nothing is there - like that spot of my vision just vanished. It is the damnedest thing.

I am doing the EXACT same thing - like closing one eye and looking at a wall and making sure nothing new is there. I do it so often now that people ask me what is wrong with my eyes because I keep closing one all the time. The only other thing that I can tell is different is there are quite a few more floaters in my vision than before. When I squint and look at the blue sky, I can see what looks like little wavy floaters - much larger and easier to see than the normal strand or bubbles. But again I JUST had the dilated exam so a tear/detach would have been found.

I'll keep in touch - I guess I need to go see a regular Dr. first and start from the ground up. Thanks again for replying.

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