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I have been experiencing some similar issues - shimmering in part of vision in one eye (bottom right/periphery) when I am in bright light; in dim light (for example, if I am in a dark room, and there is light shining into it from another room), I see a couple of thin dark lines shimmering. Iíve discussed this experience elsewhere on this site in my postings. My Ophthalmologist said that my eyes are fine as well. My visual acuity is fine. Visual field test is fine. OCT fine. Retina is fine. Bottom line according to the doctor is that there are no problems with my eye.

Are they really blind spots? Or are they transparent? For example, does it look as though you are looking through a crystal, or like you are looking through the heat rising off the road on a hot day; or are these areas really dark (and you canít see them at all)? Does it shimmer in the same fashion that a flame would?

Iíve spent a lot of time on the Web looking for answers to my dilemma over the past couple of months, and I havenít been able to find much - when something does appear coming close to matching my symptoms, the only conclusions I have seen people note (often after they have been to multiple ophthalmologists and neurologists) are either that a neuron is simply misfiring in an annoying but harmless fashion; or there is an perpetual ocular migraine; or that there is no clear explanation. The most interesting one is the suggestion that it is some sort of entoptic phenomenon - either seeing an oddly shaped floater that provides this appearance (e.g. Weiss Ring) or something like Scheererís Phenomenon (rapidly moving white blood cells that create a swirly effect). It is difficult to provide others with a good explanation of what you see as a result - varies so much from person to person.

Perhaps most significantly - it may be a good idea to keep an eye on whether you [U]start[/U] to experience any other symptoms apart from your eye (headache, weakness, fatigue)and let your GP know - there are lots of conditions that can impact your eyesight.

Please keep in touch and let me know if anything changes or if you discover anything - I think about my symptoms daily, and I understand how frustrating it is not having an answer - I feel like I am becoming a hypochondriac - constantly testing my sight, looking at things through the corners of my eyes - itís really becoming annoying).

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