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I am 30, male, vegetarian and went for my yearly physical checkup where I was advised by the medical assistant that I have 20/25 vision and should visit a eye doctor. My dad needed glasses after 50 and mom after 55. My brother is one year older and does not wear glasses. I eat plenty of carrots, spinach and other green vegetables, have never smoked or consumed alcohol so this was a shock to me. I have a desk job so I spend lot of time staring on LCD computer screens . But, I do walk daily at a brisk speed(4miles/hour) for 45 mins or so. My vision insurance is very limited so a visit to eye doctor means 160 out of pocket for me.

1. I mean can the 20/25 vision be restored to 20/20 without glasses, contacts, or lasik eye surgery or am I fated to remain at 20/25 or worse?

2. If it can be fixed, what are the options and their cost? I live in Florida where cost of living is like Jacksonville.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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