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Little background info. 20 years old, smoker, not the healthiest diet. Normal weight and height. Rarely get a good nights sleep. Have generalized anxiety disorder and a history of (not to often occuring) migraines with aura.

Recently, some vision changes (or maybe im just now truly noticing and paying attention to them) have got my attention, and being the worrier I am its all I concentrate on at the moment.

Going to give the best descriptions I can, some may be related and some may not be, but this is strictly visual observations I am making.

When staring at a white computer screen, white wall, the sky, anything bright such as the above, i see "shooting floaters" (the best way I could think to describe it) They fly through my field of view and dissapear. No apparent direction, they all move irratically with no particular pattern.

When the area I am in has a dark background and there is a light behind/above me, anything I move across the background has a white ghost looking trail a few inches behind it. It moves perfectly in sync with the speed of the object (Such as i move my hand, elbow, piece of paper, anything.) I do not see this when its well light all around. The first time I really noticed this being the most vivid, was setting in my car outside of a gas station with overhead bright lighting and i reached over to my dash to get something and noticed it behind my hand. Thats when I first started to really pay it high attention. Also I must mention that this appears to only be out of my peripheral vision, if i follow the moving object directly looking at it, i do not see it.

If I look at something such as someone wearing a striped shirt with the lines being really close together, even if the person or me isnt moving, the lines apear to be wavy and moving themselves almost, its kind of a hard one to describe. There is black/yellow hazard tape on the floor in some areas where i work and while im walking out of the corner of my eye it will appear to be moving/wavy as well.

I can be staring at almost anything and every now and then randomly a colored small dot will just appear in any given spot in my line of sight and dissapear.

Sometimes when I lay down to go to sleep, with my eyes completely closed it will sort of appear that there is background light in the room when there is not at all, sort of like if you lay down in a room with the sun shining in, but not as bright or severe of light, just the faintness of it.

Light appears to effect my eyes for longer than I believe it should as well. Like a oncoming car at night seems to leave spots for up to a minute or so. If i look at a car with a piece of chrome in the sunlight i will see spots for a few minutes, or something such as a camera flash.

Is all of this possible side effects of anxiety and/or the migraine with auras from here and there? Ive researched all of these symptoms to the best of my ability and alot of them point to it being similar and being checked out completely and it being all migraine/anxiety related. I plan to visit a opthamologist in the near future so I can HOPEFULLY shut this worry out. Im pretty scared that it might be something alot worse. I can honestly think back and remember almost 5 years ago ATLEAST seeing the "shooting floaters" but not as bad and not paying them no attention, so im not completely sure what to think.

Thanks so much for anyone with similar symptoms and knowing what is wrong with them or any insight what so ever.

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