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Has anyone out there had shingles on the cornea? I had over 10 re - occrrences of herpes Zoster on my right cornea over a 9 year period, my cornea was so scarred I was legally blind and had a cornea transplant. The transplant rejected 4 years later so I had it re done. It was good for a few years but now I am suffering severe pain in the eye and behind it. I have seen opthamologists who say the eye itself is fine, I finally seen a Nuerosurgeon who has diagnosed "post herpetic nueralgia " and referred me to a pain clinic that has perscribed every type of drug imaginable to try to calm the nerves down to kill the pain, but nothing has worked so far. I am going back to the surgeon and will probably go for a very new surgery that has only been perfomed a few times in the entire world. Very nervous to go for surgery, so I am wondering if anyone out there has any other information that would help in this situation?


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