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Hello everyone -
I was diagnosed with chronic dry eye in 2008; and was prescribed Flarex 4x daily - when that was not satisfactory the Optometrist added Restasis 2x daily - I began getting subconjuntival hemmorages a month or two following the regimen. I called the doctor and actually went in to see him every month or so when this would occur; and following an eye check was informed the bursts were a result of the dry eye. Eventually I got a clear "bubble" on the inner corner of my left eye; the eye that suffered from the hemorrages. I once again was assured it was the dry eye condition. The evaporation test he used to test the amount of tear production on my eyes improved therefore the eye medication routine continued. I seemed to get better however always had red eyes. A little over 2 years into this treatment; the right eye began getting Subconjunctuval hemorrages on a regular basis - my eyes were a mess with constant broken vessels at all times. I finally went to seek a second opinion with an Opthamologist and she was horrified I had been on the steroid drop for so long - I also had experienced a cloudy sensation in my right eye and significant decrease in distant vision along with a double type of halo around many things. She weaned me off of all drops to obtain a baseline for my eyes and put me on preservative free Systane. (the other Optometrist never mentioned anything regarding preservative free - I was using bottles of Refresh on a regular basis in addition to the prescription drops) I have been medication free since July; however I still have the clear fleshy bubbles and my left eye becomes quite irritated and sore/red from it. She told me it should go away with time. Out of frustration I have sought the opinion of several surgical Opthamologists in my area - one told me I have conjunctivachalasis; a condition that has saggy conjunctive tissue from recurring broken blood vessels.

For $6,000 he wanted to replace all of the tissue surrounding my eye with amniotic membrane transplant and I would have "guaranteed white comfortable clear eyes forever" - the next doctor did not want to touch it and told me it should go away and if intolerable go back to my old doctor, the next opthamologist would like to "cut it" and not replace the area with anything as she feels it is diffused and not necessary. Each eye would be done separately and have a patch and eye rest for several days following the procedure. I return to see her in 6 weeks and if I consider the procedure; will have something done next year when I have had some tenure on my month old new job - I am 52 and underwent early menopause the year I was diagnosed with the dry eye - it looks as if all I have is a conjunctival cyst that I assume was formed from the trauma of the broken vessels and chronic irritation of these drops. Also - I have a cataract in the right eye that seems to be from long term steroid use. What a nightmare - has anyone had a bad experience from long term use of medicated drops?

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