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Dear people,

i have had some problems with my eyes for the last month. When i look at a wall with a detailed texture, it seems to me that somehow parts of it are slightly moving. I have the same with watching a computer screen; i get than the impression that the lines are moving from side to side, not aggressively but only very slowly. I have the same effect, and it even enhances a bit, when i close one of my eyes. I has come to a point now that i get a headache when looking at my screen.

On top of that, i have many floaters in my eyes during the day, and at night i see glare and halo around streetlights, the moon, led-lights, etc... Lately i have been worrying a lot of about this and going to a rough time so some of the effects might be due to anxiety, although the apparent movement of things really worries my. I have made an appointment with my eye doctor in a few days, and somehow i am worried that if they will not find anything, how i would have to continue my life considering that looking at computer screens, and reading is a big part of my professional career.

I have to add that about 6 months ago i had refractive surgery on both eyes; my old eye lens was removed and replaced by a new one correcting and eye sight of -7.

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