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Hi Shampoobottle! I’m not sure if I have as many flashes as you do but the blurriness you describe seems familiar to me. I used to do the same testing you mention... before I found out that it was all due to my eyes being so dry! Maybe that’s also your case? DRY EYE? Does it also happen in your left eye? I have the problem in both eyes, but not always with the same intensity. It varies.
I don’t know if you made the connection already, but HOT DRY air from the heating systems is probably making your problem worse right this minute. Try turning the heat down a bit –yes, even in your car- and start using humidifiers at home and at work. You’ll notice the difference right away!
I’m not very inclined to take medication for health issues but a while ago I was desperate enough to try those very expensive drops they advertise on TV for the extreme dry eye; they did nothing for me after 3 months of treatment. I now occasionally use some over the counter “long lasting” lubricant eye drops -if I’m going to be driving in the dark in heavy traffic. It helps me with the haze and starbursts around oncoming headlights. I also use a little trick a read somewhere: when my eyes start getting “foggy”, I squeeze them shut tight for a few seconds, several times in a row. That releases more oils onto the surface of your eye, lubricating it. Yawning on purpose to bring tears up does not solve your problem for more than a few seconds, right? Actually, crying, even a little, can make your eyes drier afterward because the tears wash the oils away, or so I’ve heard. Mine sure get drier.
Age, Diabetes, Thyroid disease….they can create havoc on your vision. Make sure to double check with your doctor.
So, my advice to you: 1 – BLINK often!!!! 2 - Use humidifiers. 3 - Don’t stare for long periods at the TV, computer screen or books. 4 - Avoid getting blasted with hot air or AC (I hate going to the Mall for that reason). 5 - Take steamy, long showers (nice moist air!) 6 – squeeze your eyes shut tight a few times before going to sleep; they won’t feel so dry in the morning!
If these “home remedies” fail, you can always get your lower tear ducts plugged. It worked beautifully for me a few years back and I might try having it done again. Worth it every penny!
Hope you find some relieve soon! Let me know if my advice helped. :-D
My credentials? I am 50, I’m incredibly short-sighted since age 6 and I have a Thyroid condition that makes my eyes dry as the desert.

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