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[i]Note: Sorry for the relatively long post. I thought that more detail might result in a better analysis. Skip to the bold text below for the summary.[/i]

I have myopia and have worn glasses since the first grade. I started wearing contact lenses several years ago. Sometime within the last few years, my right eye started feeling weird. I thought it felt like my eye was pressured.

However, in every visit to the eye doctor ever since it started, no one reported any high eye pressure after tests, and although I expressed concerns in at least three cases to different eye doctors, they each said it's possibly just dry eye and I should keep up the eye drops.

The thing is, I've checked the symptoms of dry eye, and it doesn't seem to be completely in line with what I’m referring to. I think sometimes I indeed have experienced dry eyes during contact lense wear, but I haven't read about any symptom that would match up with the weird pressure feeling.

With a bit of research to determine what it might be, I narrowed down an expression that better describes what it feels like: pressure behind the eye. Whether or not the issue causer is localized to the back of the eye or behind the eye, it definitely [i]feels[/i] sort of like something is may be pushing my eye from behind, or pulling it, or straining, or … something.

Additionally, when the right eye is pressed on slightly (as can be done more safely while the eyelid is closed), there's an odd, somewhat unpleasant sensation that seems to correlate with a temporary escalation of the pressure feeling.

The pressure feeling that initially started a few years ago grew in strength but sometime within the past year or two seems to have perceptively leveled off (for now). I.e. the pressure feeling is constantly there, but it's not growing significantly stronger, from what I can tell. Or maybe it is, but I've gotten so used to the pressure feeling and/or it's harder to gauge the increase at higher levels.

Furthermore, starting more recently, within the past year or 2, I have started detecting a significant increase in floaters. I think there are some in my left eye but I'm pretty sure they are in my right eye. They are very noticeable to me, and some seem relatively large.

Also, it may just be my imagination but the vision is my right eye sometimes seems a bit more ‘hazy’ or ‘less comprehensive’ than it did before. But then again, the vision in each of my eyes has deteriorated during most of the last 2 decades, and possibly the vision was like that way before the other issues set in but I only noticed it more recently.

[b][u]So, in summary,[/u] here is the main problem and one that is possibly related:[/b]
- eye pressure feeling / feeling of pressure behind the eye since a few years ago
- significant increase in detected eye floaters since more recently
- slightly less comprehensive vision in my right eye, or is it just my imagination?

[b]Factors that might or might not be relevant, in case it helps:[/b]
- A fair number of my family members have myopia. Fewer have hyperopia although most if not almost all seem to eventually contract presbyopia.
- Some of my family members have glaucoma.
- A few of my family members have a lazy eye.
- When I first started wearing contact lenses it caused my eyes (mostly my right eye I believe) a lot of pain after putting them in (I'm not sure if the contact liquid might have anything to do with it), and several weeks after starting to wear them I noticed an artery at the top of my right eye that was especially pronounced, which I never noticed before.
- A few times I accidentally slept a 1/2 hour to a few hours with contact lenses on and they felt stuck to my eyes afterwards; once after pulling a lense off of either the left or right eye (I think it was my right) my eye felt ... weird; possibly how it does constantly now, but I'm not sure.
- During relatively recent consultations to learn about my suitability for laser eye surgery, I was told that my relatively high myopia, thin corneas, and large pupils, would put me at a higher risk. (One place recommended to not go through with it, while the other two tried to continue to sell it to me. I haven’t had LASIK yet, and after further research and contemplation, I think I probably won’t.)
- My right eye has always, as far as I remember, had worse night vision than my left eye. By worse night vision I mean that when all lights are turned off so the room is dark, for example, then the left eye would adjust much more quickly whereas the right eye would be much more 'in the dark', 'blacked out' for a while. And after adjustment, it often seemed more hazy.
- My right eye has always (again, as far as I remember) had slightly worse vision than my left eye had, as was suggested in the reports from every eye test attended. Not significantly worse, but it's noticeable with a sight comparison.

[b]Possible cause(s)?[/b]
With regards to the research I mentioned earlier, during that research I also encountered possible causes suggested by people, some who shared the same perceived symptom of 'pressure behind the eye' (or something like it).

These included and are not limited to (plus my thoughts on each):
sinus pressure (but this is usually more temporary isn't it?)
glaucoma (why haven't the eye doctors reported high eye pressure?)
corneal abrasion/scratch/scarring (not ruling these out)
Graves' disease (but other symptoms of this are not experienced)
episceritis (the symptoms generally don't seem to match up)
PVD (most of the main symptoms aren't experienced however)
migraines (no headaches though, except very occasionally, and usually not specifically localized to the same general area)
tumor behind right eye (surprisingly at least several people reported this!)

I'm considering seeing an eye doctor again to make a harder attempt to get them to take further measures to check it out more thoroughly, but my experience with eye doctors and doctors in general on this is that they'll do a rudimentary check and then say something along the lines of 'I'm not getting any warning signs; it's probably nothing serious, and you're possibly overreacting'. Possibly I am, and it might be nothing serious, but I am not yet completely convinced, and in any case it would be great if that constant pressure feeling that has been there for the last few years could be eliminated.

Advice would be appreciated. Possible causes, possible treatments, etc. I would especially be interested in hearing from people who shared or think they have shared the same symptom(s). Thanks!

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