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I also had a vitrectomy for epiretinal membrane and the procedure was not only unsucsessful, but I developed diplopia.
I do not think it was the retinologist who dropped the ball, I believe that the scar tissue that had formed and was removed was too advanced to make a difference. I had received a preliminary opinion by another board certified retinologist that he was not optomistic...I was not willing to leave it with that. The Dr. that operated said he did not see anything that would cause him to be pessimistic, and so I went for it, with the understanding that it may not be successful.

I did not expect the double vision (binocular diplopia...ok when one eye is closed). When my good eye is closed, objects shift slightly to the right and are larger than when viewing it with the good eye. Since the diplopia and distortion from the pucker is in my nearsighted eye, I'm having trouble reading and would prefer not to wear a patch. That eye cannot be corrected with lenses so I am basically reading with my farsighted eye that is corrected with a lense. The problem is that when I open the other eye, I have a hard time struggling to keep the print from overlapping. I read a great deal for a living.

I recently saw another retinologist and he said while the job had been done well, it just did not work. He thought the diplopia was possibly due to anethesia that had effected a muscle causing the operated eye to be a slightly lower than my good eye. He recc. I consult with a pediatriac strabismus surgeon and was optomistic. We also discussed glasses with prisims.

If anyone has information I would like to read more about what to expect before I submit to further surgery. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.


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