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i have this very frustrating eye problem which has lasted a decade now, i originally injured my eye overwearing a soft contact lens 10 years ago which caused an abrasion on my cornea, i went to the eye docs and they gave me the usual treatment of antibiotics and lubricants. the cornea healed after a few days, but when i went back to wear the contact lens again a couple weeks later i'd get another abrasion. the eye docs yet again prescribed me the same treatment and said i had dry eye syndrome and that my eyelashes also were touching my eyes and removed some of them.

this was a bad move cos the new lashes that regrew would grow towards my eye more causing even more painful abrasions, this resulted in me having multiple abrasions over a period of 6 months at least until i got electrolsis done over the next 6 months to eradicate the offending lashes.

once that problem was resolved i waited for like 2 years before attempting to wear contact lenses again.. same problem, i'd get an abrasion immediately after putting them on. i gave up, i just accepted that i couldn't wear them anymore and was no worse for wear.

fast forward to last year, i hurt my eye again by accident spraying aftershave directly into my eye.. i hadn't had an eye problem for over 8 years and no longer took eye lubricants as i didn't really need them... until now. i didn't have any eye lubricants and the aftershave/perfume completely dried out my eye causing the eyelid to inflame and rub on my dry eye (the white part was rubbed the most) this started to cause a lot of pain and discomfort and by the time i had access to the lubricants (2 days later) the damage was already done, my lid was super inflamed and wouldn't settle down and kept rubbing on my conjunctiva.. this eventually caused a bad abrasion which wouldn't heal (the inflamed lid would keep rubbing on the wound constantly), when i went to see the eye docs the just prescribed eye lubricants and sent me away.. (this really infuriates me now as i felt i didnt' get treated properly with the right medicines when something could have been done)

i went back a few weeks later and they still didn't acknowledge that my lid was inflamed and just blamed it on blepharitis which i knew it wasn't as i had that for years and this wasn't that yet they wouldn't change their opinion, they did however reluctantly gave me an anti inflammatory steroid to take 2 times a day for 2 weeks.. but this wasn't enough.. eventually when i got to see the lid specialist he said i had meibomiamnitis and prescribed the same steroid but to use 4 times a day.. this helped calm down the inflammation but this was like 2 months after the initial incident and the long term damage was already done.

my basic problem now is that despite the inflammation of the lid calming down my actual conjunctiva epithilium layer (on top of the white part of the eye) is weakened that even though it's healed from the abrasions i'm susceptible to abrasions there all the time unless i do a multitude of things i.e. wash out the eye with artificial tears if any discharge from the glands gets in there (they irritate my eyes causing an eventual abrasion) and i am unable to sleep at night with my eyes closed fully, i have to tape my eyelid down so it doesn't press against my eye.

does anyone have any idea what condition i have?

literally to me.. it seems that after all the abrasions and mini abrasions i've had, my actual cornea and conjunctiva are not as strong as it used to be even when it's fully headled.

it's not recurrent corneal erosion per se as i do not suffer the same symptoms most people on here to although it is recurrent in the sense that i'm susceptible to abrasions easily if any irritant be it discharge or an eyelash gets caught in my eye.

does anyone know if there is a treatment which helps STRENGHTEN the actual eye making it tougher so it does not get damaged so easily?

i use lubricants all the time but that isn't sufficient, my actual eye basically just isn't as strong as it used to be and this wasn't an issue when i couldn't wear contacts anymore, but now it disrupts my ability to have a full night's sleep. the docs i've seen to explain this think i'm crazy as they see no evidence of damage (in fairness when i go to the appointments they can't see an abrasion at the time but they dont seem to believe me when i explain that i keep getting abrasions if i dont do x, y , z to protect it)

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