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Bluecricket, did you tell the Dr. about the floaters, and did he or she say that might be the problem? I'm interested because my worst eye sometimes has a blind spot, like something almost-transparent covers a certain spot. Moves around, isn't there most of the time. I've had cataract surgery, both eyes, and the maximum laser treatments for diabetic retinopathy, rogue extra blood vessels. Last doctor said it's a scar, but I don't think it'd move around if that was it. His ofc has said they'd send me my scans, so I can compare with earlier ones, but they never do, so I don't know if they're trying to hide something. Think I'll offer to stop by and pick them up so they don't have to mail them.

You didn't say what treatments you've had, which may or may not cause the floaters, black spot, etc.

I'd like to warn everyone that Kenalog injections for eye swelling sometimes may not drain out for a long long time, especially if you're low thyroid. Some of the debris has been in my eye for about 6 yrs before I found that out. The first injection in each eye didn't seem to cause any damage, but with the second, exactly a year ago, vision went down immediately, before I left the ofc, from 20/40 to 20/50. That much, and I have a driving test next spring! An uncooperative family who're not used to having to do anything for me, much less drive me around.

I'm actually looking for some thread with Dancin' Boots in it which hasn't been closed, because last time I talked to her I was still recommending Kenalog. I too have a membrane, not sure where and don't even remember which eye, and don't know if that moves around. She's had surgery for that. Good luck.

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