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I'm opening this thread up again because I still suffer from this exact condition and, so far, nobody has mentioned any preventative action, let alone a possible cure!!!

I suffer from a 'camera-flash' spot in my eyes that eventually turn into blind spots. I have suffered from these for about 7 years now and have been able to just live with them until two weeks back, when I had one appear right in the centre of my vision.

I am starting the litany of tests all over again...
This sounds a lot like what I have.

I started with other symptoms about 2 months ago - skin numbness, left side weakness, dizziness. The vision problems started somewhere amongst all that. However the other problems have mostly gone now apart from some slight dizziness and balance issues.

I have had an mri and lumbar puncture at the hospital which came back normal. I went to the eye hospital where they found a bleed in each eye but could not suggest a cause for that.

As for my vision problems I have 2 blind spots in my left eye and one that appeared later in my right. The right one seems to unfortunately 'overlap' one of the left ones so that I see it with both eyes open. It is most noticeable when reading as the word below the one I am reading disappears, particularly if one eye is covered.

It's starting to really get me down now.
Thanks for answering. I just got back from retinal specialist #2 for the third exam and he didn't offer anything for treatment. Just same ol' answer, "well, you probably have a partial PVD, the flashes could go away tonight, or in 20 years". Wow, really? I am not going to wait 20, 10, or even 1 year longer, it's been 5 years already!

How often are your flashes? Mine are every time I blink pretty much, sometimes with 3 consecutive flashes in a row. I see them with my eyes open, depending on the light source, and now I see them with my eyes closed! I know it's my messed up vitreous, but why can't they remove it!?
I am reading all of your posts and I too have the carbon copy of your symptoms. I started getting these blind spots with frequency over the past 3 years. Several trips to Retinal Specialists, Neuro ophthalmologist, neurologist and its just the same answer every time. Nothing noticeable in my eyes. Possible complicated migraine (really??!) I now have one closer to my central vision 5 days and counting so it makes me very anxious. Yesterday I had another full work up (fluroscene angiogram, EDI-oct, etc and all ok). So my question to all is, we are all very similar in our symptoms but has anyone commented that they have lost total sight eventually? I would like to know the longest symptomatic person (did I hear someone say 10 years in one post). Perhaps it's our vitreous causing issues but perhaps it will never manifest to anything more than peripheral blind spots. Mine do fade after a year or so. How is it possible that none of the doctors can give an answer. There is enough of us out there with this non sense in our vision and like many others its a slow torture of anxiety.
Hey guys. I haven't visited this thread for a while.

I have these blind spots, which first started appearing about last May time along with eye pain and other neurological sumptoms. MRI, LP, the thing where they inject you with dye snd examine the back of your eyes, all gave normal results.

From about early October onwards my neurological symptoms basically disappeared apart from if I attempted exercise I can't do it like I used to (apart from swimming cos I don't get hot!). But my missing vision didn't return.

Anyway, end of last week I felt dizzy again and got eye pain and head pressure over the weekend. So doc is going to phone me tomorrow. I'm terrified that more of my sight is going to go! Hope it doesn't :(
I too have had spots in my vision. One now just so happens to be right at my blind spot in my right eye (good I suppose?), and in my left eye I see a spot that is about the size of a pea. They generally don't show up until I blink rapidly or if staring at a uniformly colored background. I can also see them if i close my eyes and wait for them to appear as bright spots (akin to the leftover image of a camera flash) underneath my closed eyelids

I have been to two opthamologists and had a gambit of tests run, and all that has been seen is "latticing" in my periphery. I have flashes in my right eye as well quite a bit - - with each new "flashing" episode getting worse it seems.

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