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[QUOTE=Renardo;5298279]I think it's because both your eyes are trying hard to focus and when looking at patterns, it goes haywire. I almost cried hearing that you still have this problem. I hope it doesn't affect you too much.[/QUOTE]

I think you are right about the focusing thing. It can be irritating to say the least. Its sometimes feels like I am looking through water under these conditions. Like both my eyes are panning the patterns to get the "whole picture". If I go up close to the pattern it goes away. If I close either eye it goes away. If I change rows of text from white on black to black on white it goes away.
Sometimes when i am relaxed and when I am scanning the patterns its not so apparent. Visual acuity is not compromised, no bluriness and I play alot of videogames where so far I have no problems. I have quick reaction times and am able to see at all distances.

On the plus side, At least I know its nothing serious. At least thats all the Specialists and tests say as they never seem to be overly alarmed about my 'condition' and when the tests come back negative they don't want to move forward with anything else,

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