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Basically I have lost about half of my right eye to poor/non-existent sight, a Non Arteric Anterior Ischemic Neuropathy has been diagnosed at the Sussex Eye Hospital, an NAAION is more commonly called an Ďoptic strokeí, thatís the diagnosis anyway. I do have some doubts but symptoms very largely fit and I can't argue with the diagnosis,... yet???, though as you might guess Iíve done a fair bit of research using my good eye! Basically lack of oxygen causes nerve death and further complications as a pale bloodless optic disc, that surrounds the nerve as it passes through the orbit into the brain swells through lack of oxygen too.

My visual acuity is excellent in both eyes (where it works) but my field of vision in the right is frankly awful, and presents typically for an AION in a horizon line with the lower half the area affected. Though it has over a week since got or at least looks more widespread and less distinctly horizonal.

I was told that this might worsen a little after my last visit and field of vision tests, and it has. The consultant said it would halt around halfway, but Iím not sure today that it is, Iíve got my Ďeyeí on it! Obviously if it goes further I may have another problem and need to return

I have two symptoms which donít completely fit the diagnosis.... a preceding (the AION) - a re-current red and bloodshot eye. The only explanation for both the AION and the red eye that I have found yet is a link of both to Sleep Apnea, this fits with me, exhaustion and my wife's reports of snooooorrrriiinnnggg.... and I will be asking for help to investigate this.

The Consultant Ophthalmologist says that the red eye is spurious. I donít agree. Frankly Iíve never had anything wrong with either eye and find the odds unbelievable that at 45, I have had two things occur in the same eye in one month and they arenít related!!??! Anyway, alarm bells ring and so Iím chasing down possible route causes of both, though apart from the link with sleep apnea, not much luck when comparing symptoms, there are hundreds of reasons/causes for a red eye so, go figure..

The other symptom that doesnít quite fit is that an AION normally comes on suddenly, and more normally overnight (When blood pressure can be abnormally low). I first noticed my problem occurring in the daytime, thinking it was a non painful visual migraine. My loss of sight began in earnest over about 3-4 days, until one morning I awoke and it was noticeably worse and at Yvonneís insisting we went to A&E at the Eye Hospital. I had been on steroidal drops of the red eye previously and anti-migraine tablets to test a theory, prescribed by my G.P.

The hospital tested me and did bloods, swelling of the optic disc was found, I donít know as they never said if it looked is it.. Edemic? Lacking in blood/Pale.. they found a higher than wanted level of cholesterol, but only just, also some indicators of very mild inflammation, a possible sign of malignancy, this was discounted. the MRI showed normal, I was scanned both without and with an injection by cannula that shows up blood vessels and any Ďleaksí obviously, non were found (though I have this re-current red eye business)

I have asked for explanations as to why this has happened. I only got 15 minutes with the Consultant over two hours after I was due to see him, and after tests including bloods werenít done because no one was told to do them in his absence AND we were interrupted 5 times by the pharmacist asking about a previous patient.

This meant that I didnít get to ask the questions I needed to, it upset me greatly. Iím not happy with that at all. However he explained that it was likely that a number of causes may have been involved. Smoking, though I only smoked (yes past tense) about 3-4 a day and put these out halfway through.. (yes honestly), being a little overweight, though the last time I was weighed I was still at a healthy level for my height, and my blood pressure was a little high (probably stress being there) however that too was excellent when visiting the Dr a matter of a few months previously. Cholesterol was a touch and only a touch high, that too was more than good the last Drs visit, when he told me I was showing lots of the good stuff and exceptionally for my age little of the bad, SO WHAT HAS CHANGED??? He suggested I walked each day and ate white meat and fish and avoided red meat, it worried the heck out of me that I hardly ever have red meat and walk to work and back each day, wasnít smoking much etc.

The most worrying thing could be that whatever I do, I'm on a losing streak (well aren't we all in the long run but..) my father's and his father's history of circulatory problems are well known in the family and my Dad died and his Dad died because of them..

Hence, I have an appointment with my G.P. next week when I will tackle all the Ďmaintenanceí issues of weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep etc and get on track, organise some sort of check up and testing regime with him. Obviously with Dadís and his Dadís histories, I need to be very careful and start now with keeping watch. I only hope the NHS is up to it.

I have ceased any tobacco and am not eating any sweet things, have cut down sugar in all drinks etc, am power walking home, eating better, at least to just start getting my weight down.

I will be keeping a watchful eye on how the old body is doing and any shift in the nature of the vision loss, and am still thinking about getting a second opinion, particularly as I feel relatively fit, for example I walk VERY quickly uphill on the way home from work for 20 minutes and do so pretty easily to be honest, no puffing and panting etc.

anyone out there havve anything at all to suggest, any alarm bells ringing, any similarities noted, the red eye still refuses to settle and go despite a further week of eye drops..

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