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Vitrectomy Sx
Nov 27, 2012
I recently had vitrectomy Sx in my right eye for a hole in the macukar part of the rentina. Was face down 20 hrs day for two weeks. thrid week slepted and napped faced down but up during day, fourth week still with bubble, Dr. advised can lie on my side but not my head. 33 days from Sx bubble finnaly disappeared.

Now I just had Sx in Left eye same reason. Rental equipment arrived 8pm night of Sx. So during the day I used a rolled beach towel to lie faced down. The equipment was not what I requested. The sleeping head cradle allowed no brething room, so during the night I was frustrated moving from towel to head rest. Wound up on the chair which had the head cradle set very high for a tall person. I called the insurance company the next morning as well as the provider who was closed that day. So now it's 48 hrs later and the provider called stating the chest plate musr have been bent during shipping and my husband was to bend the plate so the head cradle drops into place. We did this. The provider then agreed to ship out a newer sleeping head cradle so I can breathe. This did not arrive until 4 days from Sx.

I had Sx on Friday am, then saw the Dr. again on Saturday am. When the bandage was removed I couldnot see his hand in front of me , but could see movement. After drop were placed in eye, I could see blurry. On that Monday the Doctor advised the bubble is in the wrong position to the side. He questioned if I was face down. I think I was, despite my issues with equipment. The bubble appeared different this time from the right eye Sx. I could only see a portion of the bubble; thinking a larger bubble was inserted this time. At the next appointment a week later I was told the hole did not seal close, because the bubble never positioned properly. I now have two options: 1- the new FDA injection Ocriplasmin (when approved in 2013)
or 2-another Sx in 2/3 months when the eye heals.
Dr. is sending me to optomotrist for glasses so I can function. Been out of work alomost 10 weeks.

My questions: My right eye is starting to see distortion again...will this stablize with glasses?

If the hole in my left eye remains long can I stay like this?
Will the hole get larger; if so then it will be more difficult to repair and more timely?

When can I drive and return to work?
Can anyone comment on my situation and offer some advice from their experience. thank you.

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