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about a month and a half ago I experienced a severe headace in class I went to the school clinic and layed down for 20 minutes after that I went back to class with the pain that had gotten no better after about an hour and a half I went back and decided to go home for the day when I got home I went to sleep for about 3 hours when I woke up at five I had a 99.8 degree fever and the headace was still the same I decided to take a bath that did not help I watched some tv which made the pain worse and I went back to sleep when I layed in bed I could feel my heart racing then it would stop beat twice and start racing again I told my mom and we went to the hospital they gave me a flu test and a blood test they came out negative I feel asleep with an IV and woke up feeling back to normal after I ate we went home and I went to sleep for the next week I was very tired week and I was not eating properley my white blood count was 20,000 and a week after my eyes were sencitive to light and I was seeing blue and white spots all over the place I had eyes tests done and my vison was perfect I went to an othomologest ( eye doctor) and she dialated my eyes and looked inside and every thing was perfect after that my all my tests came back and they found nothing I then went to a nurologest ( brain doctor ) and she sent me for a VEP test and an MRI and a MRA test those all came back negative after she made some calls she put me on 100mg tablets of vitamin b2 twice a day with food. I have been on those for about a week and a half my eyes have not been sensitive in about a month but now I have little floaters and flashers that are everywhere in my feild of view and they are constant 24 hours a day I am currently waiting to here from my nurologest but I am afraid she will draw a blank if anyone has any knowledge or informatoin on this please post something.

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