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This past Thursday at night time upon driving home I ended up getting really bad starbursts around streetlights and headlights. They were really long rays extending out from the lights. I have never experienced this before in my 30 years of life and was absolutely terrified.

I saw an ophthalmologist on Friday as they were worried something horribly wrong happened. I had an extensive eye exam and they found very little wrong except for some blepharitis that I've been struggling with for a while, and mild allergic conjunctivitis. I even did well on a test where they shine a very bright light at your eyes while in a dark room to see if the starburst effect would happen then. Because it couldn't be recreated with my glasses off and my eye exam was good, the ophthalmologist thought perhaps it was my glasses (I got them only a few months ago and have not been happy with the quality of them the entire time).

I've struggled since October with eye infection after eye infection in one eye, a scratched cornea due to getting dirt and sand in it thanks to Hurricane Sandy (which healed with a tiny scar), and then accidentally blasting my eye with shampoo while it was in the midst of healing from one of the infections. I finally got off antibiotic drops 2 weeks ago for that one eye and it just hasn't seemed very happy, with an odd dry feeling on and off.

All weekend I've kept an eye (pun not intended) on my night vision. I put in some fresh contacts that are not quite up to my current prescription and went driving the other night and noticed that the starburst effect was MUCH less than with my glasses to the point where it wasn't really debilitating. Tonight I noticed that when I peered over my glasses with my 20/600 vision, I could see blurry versions of some of the rays, but again, it wasn't as bad as with my glasses.

It is absolutely terrifying to realize that it is at least partly my eyes doing this all of a sudden starting Thursday! I think it is odd that it is not nearly as bad as with my glasses though. I'm just not sure where to go at this point. I'm thinking of calling the ophthalmologist's office tomorrow with this new information about how it is not just my glasses, but considering how my eye exam found nothing wrong otherwise I feel like there's nothing they can do. I also see my regular optometrist on Tuesday to update my prescription with my glasses AND my contacts since both have been wrong, and I'm thinking of calling him tomorrow as well. But now I'm terrified that neither of them will be able to ever help me since no exam shows anything wrong.

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