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I had a regular eye exam today for the first time in several years and was told that my eye pressure was a little high. 20 in one eye and 25 in the other. Other than being slightly far sighted everything else was fine. She did dialate my eyes and looked at everything and said no signs of glaucoma.

My family history that I know of is as follows:

Great Grandmother-(mom's dad's mom) had glaucoma and went completely blind from it.

Great Grandmother-(mom's mom's mom) had it and lost some vision from it before she died.

Grandmother-(mom's mom)-has high eye pressure but not glaucoma

Mom- will not have an eye exam

Distant cousins and aunts/uncles on the great grandmother's side that went blind- several have high eye pressure and a couple dx with glaucoma.

She didn't act concerned or even suggest I keep an eye on it. I am 37.
Should I be worried...does this increase my risk of glaucoma?
Thank you for your response. I picked my glasses up today and asked the girl at the desk what my eye pressure was and she said it was 20 in both eyes..not one of 25. I will follow up with more regular exams(and get a 2nd opinion) because with only one reading how can she be sure that it isn't on the rise? I only went because I'm having episodes of blurry vision that last anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. She said it was probably eye strain. I don't believe eye strain is suddenly causing episodes of blurry vision.

Thank you for your response. I will have to have a recheck but I wonder how often I should go just for a pressure check or if they can just do that and not a full exam everytime?

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