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I am 57 years old, always have had excellent vision, no eye injuries ever and never needed glasses other than requiring reading glasses (1.5 power) around age 52.
Approximately 4 years ago, I had a strange vision condition that lasted for approximately 30 seconds, then completely went away. Seemed to be just out of the blue, not after eating anything different, hard exercise, recent illness, nothing related that I could sumise. What occurred was a kind of fogging over of my central vision area, no pain associated with it, I still had perifferal vision to some degree,as if someone sprayed a 4 inch light gray paint spot on a window held about 6 inches from my face. Very similar to camera flash blindness. How it might look 20 or 30 seconds after the initial flash.
I could not recognise my mother looking through that eye until it stopped. I also noticed in the morning when quickly opening my left eye looking up at a white ceiling, an object kind of the shape of the way USA would appear on a map would lightly glow for a second then fade away within a 1/2 second or so. This seemed to be most of the time.
I could create this anomoly of quickly opening my left eye at a white surface and see this shape, then fades away quickly. This shape also seemed to be to the shape of the vision loss area at first.
The problem of total central vision loss described above did not re-occur for another 6 months, again lasting under 1 minute. Then it re-occured again in approximately 3 months and lasted for 2 or 3 minutes....a little longer. Then again a month or so later, each time seeming to last a little longer.
I went to my eye doctor and checked for glaucoma and numerous other eye tests such as field of vision test and all appeared normal. He photographed the eye as they do and all appeared normal. My pressures were under the danger area but near the hi normal range on my left eye. We repeated this test over the next 6 months with no changes or increases. Then I had another attack and was able to quickly rush to his office and have him examine me during the vision loss event that now was lasting for an hour or more per event. Went through a barrage of tests including occular pressure test and found nothing abnormal. He reffered me to a retinologist for a look at my retina. The retinology doctor observed my retina threw a microscope placed directly on my eye and carefully observed into my eye for what seemed like 3 or 4 minutes and came up empty handed. Everything appeared normal to him. He stated that a flouroscene dye test would be a waste due to how well everything appeared. I forget his exact words but everything seemed totally normal to him. I asked him if it was possibly something like eye cancer or something and he stated if that were the case, there would be other issues far more concerning and evident if that were the case and not to worry.
a few months later, the condition seemed to disappear for another year or so with no issues as expierenced in the past, then it suddenly returned and each event lasting between 10 minutes to 2 hours occuring every week or so. Now the condition is continious and has changed a bit. Not getting the total vision loss in the cental area to the degree that I could not even recognise someones face, but to a lessor degree (80% less) BUT my left eye vision now started having this almost continually. To accurately describe the present degraded vision, it is similar to how things look with normal vision after looking at a bright area or object then quickly looking into a dark area and seeing a ghosting trail of what was viewed in the bright area.
When I drive down the road and look at a solid yellow line between lanes, it appears to have random breaks in the line as if it were a dashed line. Looking at text appears in focus but kind of like the printer was running out of ink in various areas of the page. Lastly, when I do the "open eye quickly at a white surface" I now see a group of fine sharp black squiggly lines throughout my field of vision and this quickly fades away within a 1/4 to 1/2 second. I suspect the condition may be caused by the fact that directly below my left eye are my 2 rear upper molor teeth that were root canalled some 15 years ago that always have seemed to have a very low level irration around them. A famous opthomologist Dr. Jerry Tennent believes all dead tissue left in the body will become infected, including root canalled teeth and should be removed as chronic infection is not good especially for immune function. He has written a book called "Voltage is Health" and is very interesting. Anyway I have root canals on both upper left rear molors. Tempted to remove them and see if this is the cause of the vision issue....but a very hard decision to do if you know what I mean.... Any suggestions on possible reasons or tests to perform would be much appreciated. Thanks so much

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